All digital submissions $5 off.

BruxZir® Full Strength Zirconia                        $79

Solid Zirconia Restorations

(Per Unit)

Esthetic Zirconia Restorations

 (Per unit)

Esthetic Anterior Zirconia (700+ Mpa)           $89

Anterior HT Multi-Layer Zirconia (1000+ Mpa) $99

Kuraray KATANA® Zirconia $109

IPS e.max ZirCAD® Multi Zirconia $109

IPS e.max ZirCAD® PRIME Zirconia $129

Layered Zirconia  (5 Days in-lab)                       $139

Monolithic Glass Ceramics

IPS e.max® Press                                               $109

Lithium Silicate Press $99

Veneer - (No-Prep/Prep)                                    $109

Soft Tissue Model $8


Screw-Retained Hybrid Implant Crown*

Full Strength Zirconia $299

IPS e.max Press $319

Titanium Custom Abutment*


Zirconia Hybrid Custom Abutment

with Ti Base*


*Includes Generic Clinical Screw

Diagnostic Treatment Waxup                                 $  25

Smile Treatment Pack                                             $149

Note: Prices shown are per unit and do not include any applicable taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice.

  Rush Services

Quick Smile Service(48 Hours*)                  +$25.00/unit

Get It NOW Smile Service (24 Hours*)         +$50.00/unit

Payment Terms

  • Statements for all work done by the Lab are to be paid in full by the last day of the month in which the statement is prepared.

  • Any  unpaid balances extending into the  following month will be subject to an additional two percent (2%) interest per month; and the account will automatically be placed on C.O.D. terms*.  

  • A minimum of $35.00 Charge for all returned checks.

*Customer agrees to pay all balances on C.O.D. basis plus outstanding balances, if any. All cases and items sent remain the property of 38 Smiles Dental Lab until Customer’s account is paid in full.

Warranty and Remake Policies

  • 38 Smiles Dental Laboratory products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee which covers the full replacement cost of all materials and workmanship of the prosthetic produced according to the Dentist’s written prescription. All Cases are guaranteed to the submitted impressions (physical or digital) or models.

  • Fixed restorations carry a Five (5) Year Warranty, and Thermoformed products are warrantied for six (6) months. This warranty covers the replacement or repair of the prosthesis made by 38 Smiles Dental Lab.

  • Warranty Excludes:

  1. Cash refund for prosthesis.

  2. Cost incurred for removal or insertion.

  3. Incidental or consequential damages; including inconvenience, lost wages, chairtime, or pain and suffering.

  4. Replacements resulting from accident, neglect, abuse, failure of supportive tooth, implant or tissue structures, improper adjustments or improper dental hygiene.